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Space Economy

Space Economy

Gain applicable skills, build new business capabilities, and raise your confidence to navigate the global framework.

9 weeks 3-4 hours / week

1400 €

1400 €

Project Management

Project Management

Apply fundamental Engineering knowledge to real scenarios and learn how to setup and improve a project under your leadership.

7 Weeks 3-4 hours/weeks

1200 €

1200 €

Space Operations

Space Operations

Acquire the expertise and knowledge to thrive in today’s operations of Space and Ground Segments in the best effective way.

7 weeks: 3-4 hours/week

1200 €

1200 €

Why us

100% Online
100% Online

1st Business school in the space Sector, delivering classes 100% online


All classes are held on Weekends to allow full flexibility

Live classes

Real time classes and available recordings in our Platform

High interaction

Encouraged active participation with the Lectures. Speak up and ask your questions

Small classes

Up to 10 people per program to facilitate interaction with Lectures and address individual questions and needs

Outstanding faculty

Top lectures directly from the space industry and Forbes list makers. Lectures grounded in real examples and a Project Work at the end of each Program

Learning from international experts

Chiara Cocchiara is an Aerospace Engineer and was listed on Forbes list “30 under 30”

Forbes list “30 under 30”

Our story in 60 seconds

Each of the Programmes and Workshops is an exclusive experience. Students have the unique opportunity to listen, interact and learn directly from leaders of the Space Industry and Forbes list makers. Lecturers include examples and lessons learnt from real life work experiences.


Prof Dr Heiko Seif

The concept of „Space Business Education“ and the SEAC business school team completely convinced us at the Galileo Masters. Both the feasibility and the impact of the SEAC business school in terms of space tech applications stand out enormously from the competition. SEAC business school has since been able to prove that its business model works profitably on the market.

Prof Dr Heiko Seif
Dean of Research, Munich Business School GmbH

University Challenge Winner

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