Awarded the best Educational Institution in the Space sector by Galileo Masters, SEAC provides industry-focused online space courses. Our innovative methods, videos, readings, and exercises on the best-in-class online learning platform guarantee a recognized qualification. Accelerate your space industry career with our certificate and exclusive Alumni post-program benefits.









SEAC offers professional Space Courses to individuals and companies, directly taught by experts of the Space Industry, to prepare students to take up duty with the expertise requested by space agencies and industry. Not only! SEAC aims at complementing your skills: either you come from the university and need a professional approach to the subject, or you come from a technical background and need financial skills, or you want to give a turn to your career towards a different direction, SEAC prepares you to become a competitive employee in your current or future job. Offering you the maximum flexibility, the SEAC Space Courses are made of multiple sections, with the core modules being self-paced and online, project works to be developed and live meeting with the instructor to get personal advices, ask questions and get the latest insights on the subject. Make the difference, enhance your skills and potential, grow your professional network exchanging with instructors and other students from all over the world, and become the next wanted person to hire in the space sector.

Alumni Benefits are enormous with SEAC, both from a study point of view as well as from a career point of view. Among others, these are the top benefits to look at:

    • Once you register for taking a course, you will have lifetime access to the courses, and get access to all the regular updates that are done over the years, with no extra charge.

    • While courses are self-paced and allow for maximum flexibility, SEAC values the exchange with the instructor and organize one-to-one as well as group mentoring with the instructor, to get personal advices, feedback on the acquired skills, ask questions and get the latest insights on the subject.

    • At the end of the course, the instructor will meet with you to get to know you and your careers aspirations, to present you to companies looking for a profile matching yours, beating the competition.

    • SEAC students get access to an exclusive number of benefits for the SEAC-Career section: e.g. create your CV with SEAC, interact directly with companies, get your profile presented to the companies and emerge from the competition.

    • 96% of our alumni get a new job or a promotion within five months from taking our course. Some industry and agencies that hired or promoted our students after taking the course, include ESA (the European Space Agency), Telespazio, SERCO, HE Space, the American Army, and many more.


Our goal is to prepare you for future career opportunities. If with the professional space courses we prepare you to acquire tools and expertise, with the space career we push your profile to space companies and agencies. SEAC interacts with a big network of companies and agencies, and get to know in advance what will be the requested profiles. We work with companies to develop ad-hoc training courses and prepare students to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to be the best candidate for the job. SEAC space careers works in three ways: on one side you can search, save and apply for your preferred jobs, on the other hand, SEAC presents your profile directly to its network of companies and agencies. Meanwhile, SEAC will save filters for your jobs and send you dedicated job alerts and information.

At the end of the course, you will receive a recognized Certificate of Completion that you can use when applying for a job position, add it to your CV and to your LinkedIn. 96% of our alumni got a new job or a promotion within five months from taking our course, presenting our certificate to the company. Thanks to our network of connections with companies and agencies, the certificate is an added value when applying for a job. The duration of the course and the effort is reflected into the number of CFU that you will be awarded. This is specific per each course and indicated in the dedicated page of that specific course.

SEAC – Space Economy Academy has established an incredible network of partners including industries, start-ups, Space Agencies and academia and work closely with them to deliver training for their employees. Trainings are developed ad-hoc following the needs and guidelines of the company. Trainings are tailored based on current and future needs of the company. The cooperation with these partners continues also with the SEAC- Careers section, where companies can publish job alerts, get featured in our communications to the students, receive the best candidates and interact with our database of students.

The Space Economy Academy is the number one provider of professional space courses in the world. Trusted by numerous entities, including top players like the European Space Agency, Space Foundation, and the European Commission SEAC offers high-quality space education covering diverse programs, including Space Economy, Space Operations, GNSS Systems, ECSS Standards, AI in Space, Cybersecurity in Space, Space Law, Space Entrepreneurship Master in Space Business Management, and Master in Space Economy. Additionally, SEAC collaborates with numerous companies to develop tailored courses and train their employees. The certificates, well-recognized in the industry, provides substantial benefits for SEAC alumni, facilitating job placement and career development for our students.