Space Economy

Gain applicable skills, build new business capabilities, and raise your confidence to navigate the global framework.

Duration: 9 weeks (every Saturday from 18:00h to 20:00h CEST)   Location: Online   Start Date: 04 June  Fees: 1400 € (payment in instalments available)

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Space is the new economic frontier, included by the G20 as one of the 22 priorities of its agenda. A growing number of “New Space” companies, together with Space Agencies and entrepreneurs, are building a new business model which includes products and services to serve both space and non-space markets.

Experience real challenges explained by experienced leaders across a variety of industries, develop Space Economy intuition through interactive learning exercise, lessons learnt, and future perspectives, and join a global community of peers.

Immerse yourself in the development of your own New Space project or work on existing sector challenges through experiential learning.

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    We help you transform your idea into an investment-worthy company

    A team of experienced leaders from various industries, agencies and Forbes list makers guide students and alumni in the exploration of market opportunities and accelerate business. The best projects are invited to pitch their ideas to an investment board, and prepare to transform concepts into investment-worthy companies.

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    Areas of Work

    The SEAC Space Economy Program offers students a comprehensive understanding of the business and management in the Space Sector. Graduates of this Program may be interested in working in the following professional areas.

    Apply methodologies and processes to ensure that a project meets its objectives, with a pre-determined budget and resources and within a specified timeframe. You will be capable of defining objectives and converting them into achievable deliverables. You have the skills to ensure correct planning, resources management, problem-solving and reporting.

    Innovation Management is the area of continuous transformation of the Space Sector. Agencies and Industries have created dedicated Innovation departments to maintain the company, technology and strategic objectives aligned with the transformation of the sector and the new applications.

    Develop strategic vision, structure organizational goals and establish and implement strategies for competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. It includes the need of addressing multiple fields and trends. Competition analysis is key and Strategic Managers build strategies to keep ahead of the ever-changing environment.

    Space applications are based on technology and their strategic operations. Managers oversee and control the processes involved in the technology and operational areas. Strategy is implemented through a series of processes, services and products developed in the Operations department. This field is key in improving an organization’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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    Success Stories

    I am so glad I took up this Program. Top Lecturers have guided our group project as well as our individual project. ​

    I can now develop different ideas with a business perspective. I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in creating a business in space sector. ​

    My dreams have turned into plans and actions!​

    Pushya Subramanyam
    M.Sc. Space Engineering (University of Bremen)

    Founded ‘Cosmox’ after the Space Economy Programme

    Pushya Subramanyam


    You will dive into the Program as part of a small class, providing you with the opportunity to interact closely with the lecturers and your classmates.

    The class provides you with the skills and tools to gain the knowledge of the topic. It is customized to your needs and support you to accelerating or kick starting your career.

    The focus of the Program is you !

    Our Space Economy Program is for you if…

    • You wish to kick start or accelerate your career in the Space sector, immersing yourself in the world of Space Economy , understanding its impact at worldwide level.

    • You want to develop a new business in the Space sector. You will be guided and supervised step by step in the transformation of your idea into an investment worthy-company.
    • You look for an innovative method based on real-world business experience. The case method, explained by top lecturers from the Industry world and Forbes list makers.
    • You wish to learn about Space using a 360 degrees perspective: combine multiple aspects from technology, to law, to economy.
    • You wish to increase your knowledge with high flexibility.


    We are here to support you!

      Benefits of Studying our Space Economy Program


      Learn from experienced leaders from the Space Industry and Forbes List Makers


      Get exposed to real challenges and improve critical-thinking skills


      Take a problem-solver approach

      Space Economy PROGRAM

      The Program is built of two main modules to cover the growing demand for business education in the field.  Get exposed to real challenges explained by experienced leaders across a variety of industries, and gain the tools and skills to drive into the Space Economy field.

      What will you learn:

      The Space Economy Module provides an introduction to the main elements of the Space Economy. The students will navigate the main pillars and the influence on the worldwide politics. Will learn about the sustainability of Space and the main concepts of Upstream and Downstream.

      Module Details

      • Space Economy
      • Political Framework
      • Upstream and Downstream
      • Traditional Industries transformation
      • Linear vs. Chain Linked Business Model

      What will you learn:

      Project Management is a very important aspect of every industry and agency. The Space sector apply general Project Management skills as well as specific Space Standards which will be examined during the Module.

      Module Details

      • ECSS Standards
      • Project Lifecycle
      • Reviews and key milestones
      • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Internal and External interfaces

      What will you learn:

      The space sector is built around technology applications. The sector is in continuous transformation and each company or agency has a Research and Development department, important for the development and its affirmation on the market.

      Module Details

      • TRL Scale
      • Space Technologies
      • Research in the Space sector
      • Development of new Business
      • Architecture
      • Research for Funding
      • Tactics, Strategy and Logistics

      What will you learn:

      No innovation and progress grows without the utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Space sector is no exception. You will learn the main elements of A.I. and M.L. and applications examples in Space.

      Module Details

      • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • Deep Learning
      • Main fields of Application
      • A.I. in Space applications
      • Scalable Autonomy and Self-Awareness

      What will you learn:

      The expansion of the Space sector is to be placed within a biggest economic and juridical context. From the Space Race to the Space Economy several regulations and treaties have been signed and international markets started to develop across the globe.

      Module Details

      • International Space Policy
      • History of Space Law
      • Outer Space Treaties
      • New Legal Trends

      What will you learn:

      During your work experience you will face difficulties where stress, pressure and self-demand prevent you from giving your best and being as efficient as you would like to be. Leaderships skills are the most important tool to face challenges and achieve measurable results.

      Module Details

      • Clarify your needs, goals and priorities
      • Identify your resources, strengths and values
      • Detect and overcome the external and internal obstacles that limit you
      • Generate effective conversations and relationships
      • Develop a strategy and an action plan

      What will you learn:

      The second half of the Program focuses on the development of the Business Project. You will learn how to transform your idea into a Worthy-investment Company. Get read to become the next Space Entrepreneur.

      Module Details

      • development of a business project
      • Elements of a Business Project
      • Canvas Method
      • Business Plan
      • Finance
      • Marketing

      Your Roadmap

      9 weeks every Saturday from 18:00h to 20:00h CEST

      First week

      Module 1:
      Space Economy

      Module 2:
      Project Management

      Second week

      Module 3:

      Module 4:

      third week

      Module 5:
      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      fourth week

      Module 6:
      International Space Policy

      Module 7:
      Leadership Skills

      fifth week to ninth week

      Business Project


      I would totally recommend to study at SEAC Business School! It took me a step further in terms of space entrepreneurship and it was an excellent opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the professionals involved.

      Júlio Alexandre Ponte dos Santos

      Trainee in the Mission Operations Department of European Space Agency (ESA)

      Júlio Alexandre Ponte dos Santos


      Investing in an education at Seac Business School is investing in the future.

      Duration: 9 weeks
      Location: Online
      Start Date: 04 June
      Fees: 1400 €
      Payment in instalments available

      Choosing a program that fulfils several criteria, including professional objectives, educational goals and budget, is a process that requires considerable research and deliberation.

      Seac  has various payment installment plans available. The Admissions Services department is always available to assist with any questions regarding our fees and tuition.


      Contact us to receive the support you need.


        You will be part of an international community of students and alumni. Establish work relationships as well as friendships and lifelong learning opportunities.

        At SEAC we foster lasting relationships among the community, to reinforce our strong spirit, values and mission.

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