Space Operations

Acquire the expertise and knowledge to thrive in today’s operations of Space and Ground Segments in the best effective way.

Duration: 7 weeks (every Saturday from 10:00h am to 12:00h am CEST)   Location: Online   Start Date 21 May    Fees: 1200 € (payment in instalments available)


Space Missions are ever-changing, with increasingly sophisticated operations. Now more than ever, companies and agencies, require innovative, qualified Operations experts to prepare and support satellite operations.

Immerse yourself in real challenges faced by experienced leaders across a variety of industries, develop operations intuition through interactive learning exercise, lessons learnt, and future perspectives, and join a global community of peers.

The Program covers both the Technical and Managerial aspects of a Space Mission. From effective knowledge of System Operations Engineer and Project Management, to understanding the systems and sub-systems of Ground and Space Segments, this Program explores modern operations methods and theories from various perspectives, giving students an insight into decisions relate to the strategic and operational areas.

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    The Space Operations Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge to support satellite operations. Learn about systems and subsystems and apply them by designing your own mission.

    Areas of Work

    The SEAC Space Operations Program offers students a comprehensive understanding of the business and management in the Space Sector. Graduates of this Program may be interested in working in the following professional areas.

    Space applications are based on technology and their strategic operations. Managers oversee and control the processes involved in the technology and operational areas. Strategy is implemented through a series of processes, services and products developed in the Operations department. This field is key in improving an organization’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Apply methodologies and processes to ensure that a project meets its objectives, with a pre-determined budget and resources and within a specified timeframe. You will be capable of defining objectives and converting them into achievable deliverables. You have the skills to ensure correct planning, resources management, problem-solving and reporting.

    Develop strategic vision, structure organizational goals and establish and implement strategies for competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. It includes the need of addressing multiple fields and trends. Competition analysis is key and Strategic Managers build strategies to keep ahead of the ever-changing environment.

    The Operations Department needs to use the most advanced technologies to operate satellites in a more efficient and secure way. Innovation Management is the area of continuous transformation of the Space Sector. Agencies and Industries have created dedicated Innovation departments to maintain the company, technology and strategic objectives aligned with the transformation of the sector and the new applications.

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    Success Stories

    This program allowed me to learn about more specific knowledge of this part of the Space Sector. It completed my engineering background knowledge with real case scenarios. It was really interesting to know how operations are performed from people who have really experienced this world.

    Claudio Mezzasalma, 

    M.Sc Aeropace Engineering, University of Pisa. 

    Claudio Mezzasalma


    You will dive into the Program as part of a small class, providing you with the opportunity to interact closely with the lecturers and your classmates.

    The class provides you with the skills and tools to gain the knowledge of the topic. It is customized to your needs and support you to accelerating or kick starting your career.

    The focus of the Program is you!

    Our space operations program is for you if…

    • You are an individual who wish to kick start or accelerate your career in Space Operations.

    • You want to work in a Space Agency or a Space Industry which develops or carry out Space Operations.
    • You wish to develop a critical-thinking mindset, learn about the overall architecture and how to react to anomalies.
    • You look for an innovative method based on real-world business experience. The case method, explained by top lecturers from the Industry world and Forbes list makers.
    • You wish to increase your knowledge with high flexibility.


    We are here to support you!

      Benefits of Studying our SPACE OPERATIONS Program


      Learn from experienced leaders from the Space Industry and Forbes List Makers


      Get exposed to real challenges and improve critical-thinking skills


      Take a problem-solver approach

      Space Operations PROGRAM

      Experience real challenges explained by experienced leaders across a variety of industries, develop Space Operations intuition through interactive learning exercise, lessons learnt, and future perspectives, and join a global community of peers.

      Space Missions are ever-changing, with increasingly sophisticated operations. Now more than ever, companies and agencies, require innovative, qualified Operations experts to prepare and support satellite operations.

      What will you learn:

      Project Management is a very important aspect of every industry and agency. The Space sector apply general Project Management skills as well as specific Space Standards which will be examined during the Module.

      Module Details

      • ECSS Standards with focus on Operations
      • Project Lifecycle
      • Reviews and key milestones, with focus on the latest before Operations
      • Roles and Responsibilities pre, during and post operations
      • Internal and External interfaces

      What will you learn:

      Satellite operations are carried out with the combination of the Space Operations and Ground Operations. You will learn the main components of the two segments that you will need to operate your mission.

      Module Details

      • Space Segment: types of satellites, types of orbits, manoeuvres,..
      • Ground Segment systems: monitoring and control, mission planning, simulators, data processing, dissemination, …

      What will you learn:

      Operations start before the satellite is in orbit. The LEOP Phase, (Launch and Early Operations Phase) is a crucial moment of your mission. You will learn about this phase and about the different types of propulsion systems.

      Module Details

      • LEOP (Launch and Early Operations Phase)
      • Launchers
      • Propulsion Systems
      • Trajectories

      What will you learn:

      Operations of satellites require a complex system approach, going from System to System Operations. In this Module you will gain the overall knowledge of the System architecture and the end-to-end operations.

      Module Details

      • System Engineering
      • System Operations Engineering
      • System overall architecture
      • End-to-end operations

      What will you learn:

      You will own the subject of Space Operations only when you will be able to develop a mission on your own. With this project work you will be tasked to design a Space Mission with all its elements.

      Module Details

      • Design your mission (LEO)
      • Design your missions (GEO)

      Your Roadmap

      7 weeks every Saturday from 10:00h am to 12:00h am CEST

      First week

      Module 1:
      Project Management

      Second week

      Module 2:
      Space and Ground Segment

      third week

      Module 3:
      Propulsion Systems

      fourth week

      Module 4:
      End to end System Operations

      fifth week to seventh week

      Business Project


      Ayushee Chaudhary

      I got to grow personally and professionally with this program. I learnt how to take on board new responsibilities, organize the project, and manage new aspects which I did not consider before. I can see the big picture now, and be a leader for the project, for the team and for myself.

      Ayushee Chaudhary

      Space Journalist, India


      Investing in an education at Seac Business School is investing in the future.

      Duration: 7 weeks
      Location: Online
      Start Date: 21 May
      Fees: 1200 €
      Payment in instalments available

      Choosing a program that fulfils several criteria, including professional objectives, educational goals and budget, is a process that requires considerable research and deliberation.

      Seac  has various payment installment plans available. The Admissions Services department is always available to assist with any questions regarding our fees and tuition.


      Contact us to receive the support you need.


        You will be part of an international community of students and alumni. Establish work relationships as well as friendships and lifelong learning opportunities.

        At SEAC we foster lasting relationships among the community, to reinforce our strong spirit, values and mission.

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