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Training in Space

Support your team’s growth and development with SEAC Business School. From Technical subjects, to Project Management, to Law and Security, your employees will turn into industry leaders and contribute to the success of your business. SEAC keeps company training up to date with the latest trends in the Space Sector, and push people moving forward.

Boost and retain your employees, reduce skill gaps in the teams and push for innovation and motivation.

Explore our core trainings, or share with us your needs and request ad-hoc trainings for your team:

  • Space Economy
  • Space Operations
  • Project Management in Space
  • Space Law and Cybersecurity
  • Other ad-hoc trainings for your needs
Júlio Alexandre Ponte dos Santos

Júlio Alexandre Ponte dos Santos
European Space Agency (ESA)

Benefits of Online training with SEAC

100% Online and Live

Make learning opportunities possible for your employees from any location, reducing costs and time for your company.

Practical approach

Lecturers are experts from the Space Sector, trained to use a practical-based approach to educate employees and satisfy the company needs with classes and Project Works.


Schedule dates and times directly according to your needs, including the possibility to deliver classes outside working hours and weekends.

Specialized Space Education

No other institution offers Specialized Space Education like SEAC. How many times did your company face a request for a Project Management course, and ended up delivering the standard training which provides your employee with general knowledge, but not entirely applicable to your needs? Courses like Project Management at SEAC mean to understanding and learning how to apply ECSS Standards, Mission lifecycle, Reviews, Milestones, teams involved in multiple phases of a mission, outsourcing and collaboration between private and public players operating in the Space Sector, and much more.

You look for dedicated education applicable to your core business, and SEAC provides this to you!

Specialized Space Education

Why is employee onboarding so important?

Studies suggest that the quality of a company’s employee onboarding procedures can make a significant impact on its bottom line:

Employees are up to 70% more productive after undergoing formal training.
Losing an employee costs a company an average of $15,000 in lost productivity.
Well-trained team members are up to 82% more likely to remain with their current employer.
Up to 40% of employees who don’t feel properly trained leave within a year.
77% of all employee turnover is preventable.

How SEAC makes Online Employee Training Effective

How SEAC makes Online Employee Training Effective

SEAC experts are trained and familiar with your company needs, core values, mission and vision, and become a valuable tool for developing an organizational culture of learning specific for your company. You can customize the training, chose the focus and satisfy your needs.

You can chose to send your employees to an existing training, where your employees can meet with other peers from other companies, enhance networking and sharing opportunities, or you can request ad-hoc trainings for your company. In both options, your employees will benefit of an enjoyable learning experience that is second to none, and that contribute to their success and the one of your company.

Why is SEAC the best Employee Training solution for you?

Ready to adopt a transformative culture of corporate learning?

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